Friday, August 1, 2008

Stacy Reeves Photography

I love my photographer! She sends me wedding eye-candy!

My photographer - Melanie Johnson - sent over the link to this wedding when she heard about my bridesmaid dress situation. It was shot by an amazing photographer named Stacy Reeves, who is in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. I thought the picture was really cool, so I thought I would share:

Maybe I should take a fierce picture like this with my bridesmaids?? I do really like this picture, and it makes me feel so much better about having the 2 different dress styles. This dresses in this picture look really great. The fact that there are 2 styles adds a little interest.

The wedding that the above picture is taken from was in Granbury, which is where my parents live, and is outside of Dallas/Fort Worth. It's really pretty out there with some rolling hills, big skies, flowing grasses.... Here is another picture that I LOVE from this wedding:

I love how the photographer edited the image! It's beautiful. I know Melanie likes to edit some of her pictures in this way, which is one of the reasons I was drawn to her. I think this makes the picture look so ethereal and artistic, and I hope to have some pictures of us like this.

While scrolling through her site and looking at other pictures, I came across these which I thought were just so cute! I'm sure I will be feeling like this at some point during my wedding day!

Stacy is really talented, and her site has lots of great pictures on it! I always enjoy looking at photography websites, and I love it when I find a new one whose style I really like. I feel like I'm "discovering" something. I'm kind of a nerd that way.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Keep up with the push-ups!!!


tracy said...

Cool pics!! The different style dresses do look really good - I expect to see a pic like that one, lol!!

And thanks for the comment, I was gonna say no it's not really worth it to take her to the vet, he'd said that he doesn't need to see her, I mean we can call anytime, but it's just I am the one who sees her every day and will know when it's time. Sucks!!!! I hate that you can't ask a dog if they are hurting!

Guilty Secret said...

That is really cool that she sent you that. Your ladies are going to look great :)

I love the after-effects on the photos too.

Linda said...

It is kind of like after Christmas. I was reluctant to put everything away because I liked looking at the big stack. I left everything out while I was writing TY cards so I could refer to the cards if I needed to.
It's so odd to have everything put away. I'm really glad to have our living room back!

Fifi Flowers said...

Lovely photos on your site.
Boy.. have birdesmaid dresses come a long way... some look like they could be worn again.

east side bride said...

Hooray for two different dresses!

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