Saturday, August 30, 2008


(I need a better camera....)

My wedding day jewelry! Since I kind of wanted to go with a "vintage-y" vibe, and my dress is kind of plain - no beading, etc - my Mom and I thought it would be nice to accent under the empire line of the dress with a brooch, so the search began! It seemed like every one I saw in the stores was round, but I really wanted something more elongated and oblong. Enter Ebay, where I found my bad-ass brooch, along with an equally awesome bracelet. Both are vintage costume jewelry with the brooch being about 50 years old, and the bracelet being 50 to 70 years old! It was so cute, the description with the bracelet said that the seller had bought it from a 77 year old woman, who had told them that it was her mother's (I'm a sucker for a good story). I am loving Ebay right now. I paid about $25 each for the brooch and the bracelet.

The earrings I found at Dillard's, but I like their look. I bought them before the brooch and the bracelet, but I still think they go together well.

For good measure I've thrown in a pic of my ring, and the ring I got when I was 16. When Chris was picking out my engagement ring, he wanted something that would compliment my other ring since I wear it daily. What a thoughtful guy!! The ring I got when I was 16 was my great-grandmother's, and originally it had all diamonds. But when my Mom inheirited it, 2 of the diamonds were taken out for another family member (why??), so they inset two amethysts, which are my birthstones. I have loved this ring since I got it, and have worn it every day. I've probably worn it when I shouldn't have, like to work out, play intramurals, to sleep, etc. But I'm taking much better care of it now!

And now the jewelry:

A picture of my rings:


Blablover5 said...

Have you tried using the macro setting on your camera?

That should take a better picture.

Cote de Texas said...

So beautiful!!!

And thanks for your comment - I love seagrass and have it all over my house - wall to wall seagrass is wonderful too.

Guilty Secret said...

It looks like it's all coming together perfectly. But ditto Blablover, it would be great to see a macro picture.

An Atlanta Bride said...

Your ring looks similiar to mine. I love the vintage style of rings like these : )

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