Monday, August 25, 2008

More paint swatches

Even though I liked the "Silver Sage" from Restoration Hardware, it didn't really look right in the room. After looking and looking and staring and glancing at it in all different lights - it was too blue. In other rooms and in other lights it can appear gray, green, blue... it's a great color. BUT, not right here.

So! On to some new paint swatches: tans, taupes, khakis.

Sorry about the bad lighting and photography... I don't have the best camera, and the room (even with the lights on, as they were in this picture) is a little dark.

As you can tell, there are about 3 different shades of tan/taupe/khaki on the walls here. I thought this would be a great direction to go in, it could lighten the room and go with lots of different colors. But after adding more graffiti to my walls... eh.... I'm not so sure. It's okay. It's not great. The cool neutrals go too gray, and the warm neutrals are a little too warm. And it's kind of boring.

I'm slowly coming to the realization that our room will stay green. That I do like it, even though it's dark (at this point, short of painting it bright white, I think any color will be "dark"!). And that I may be slightly rebelling against it because I didn't originally choose it - it was painted this way when we moved in. I also think I was/am trying to hold onto a more "modern" aesthetic (one that is not really shared by Chris). But taking a realistic look around at my house, most of it is more traditional. A relaxed "younger" traditional, but traditional nonetheless. Laying in bed the other night, I realized that I've got to let some of that "mod" go. Unfortunately I don't have the budget (budget?? what budget?? ha!) to buy new furniture, to dramatically alter the bland architecture, or to buy fabulous statement fabrics for curtains and pillows. And by trying to "fight" the feeling of the surroundings with more sleek and modern looking things, I was causing myself headaches because it wasn't working together. When I lived in my loft, before buying the house and moving in with Chris, my more traditional furnishings took on more of a modern look because the surroundings were so stark in contrast. But that's not the case here.

Here is a picture of what my loft looked like:

(Please excuse the portable heater - that brick wall was NOT insulated!)

There are many times when I really miss it. I loved that brick wall! But, I'm happy to be where I am now, and wouldn't give it up! And while if I had an unlimited, or even just a generous, budget to work with I would probably change many things, I'm okay with not having it be "perfect" right now. With working with what I have and making the best of it.

Hmmm.... isn't there a saying about being happy with what you have??? Yeah, I think I'm learning that the hard way.


tracy said...

Wow, I wish I had the patience and knowledge to really think the colors thru that much. I suck at all things decorating. I'm sure your house is gorgeous!

Sarah said...

I LOVE the pictures of your loft, you look like you've really got a knack for decorating! :)

Anonymous said...

I loved your loft! Your bedroom was so cozy. I lived downtown when I was single too. Then I moved to the burbs after getting married and there were children in the grocery stores! It was so weird that I found that odd! ha.

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