Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paint swatches

Well, I did it. I went home and painted a couple swatches on the wall with the test paint, and although it doesn't really look that great in the pictures, I do like it. It's much much lighter, and the big green chair goes with it.

It looks kind of pastel-y in the picture, but it's prettier in "real life". Additionally, the paint color that is there now - which is a pretty sage green - is much darker as well. Of course, the chair isn't quite as dark as the picture. Isn't it funny how lighting and pictures alter color??

Anyways, this whole thing has come about partly because my pillows that I have now on my couch, which go really well with the dark green chair and wall color, are in pretty sad shape. They've definitely seen better days, and trying to replace them with some that 1) I like 2) co-ordinate with the wall color and big green chair 3) aren't super expensive has been challenging. I've been thinking that by lightening the wall color, it may be easier to find some pillows or fabric that will go, and as an added bonus it will lighten my living room so it won't be so dark-like-a-cave anymore.

Here are the pillows:

Notice the fabric swatches!!

Anyways, here is the culprit behind why my pillows look so sad... well, he's at least responsible for the holes in the corners!

That's JJ, the chihuahua. Who likes to chew on pillow corners.
So now, once Chris is home tomorrow night, hopefully he will like the color too, and we can get to painting the room... again. Or, I should say, I will get to painting the room again. I like the color, and I think if we go with some darker green pillows, it will tie in nicely with the big green chair. Ah, if only I had enough money to just start from scratch again! Or at least to be able to recover the big green chair with something else, like maybe brown leather.... Oh well. That wouldn't inspire as much creativity now, would it??


Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

New wall color looks great and I like the big green chair! Everyone has brown leather...boring. Green, now that's excitement. Like you said, it's all in how you tie it together!

tracy said...

Looks good!!

And FYI I responded to your comment in my comments. THIS is why I hate even trying to date! Ha! But at least I'm not that worried about it- whatever happens, happens!

Cote de Texas said...

is that the silver sage? it's not is it?

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