Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Diet Sabotage!!

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Why is it that when you're on a diet, or at least trying to watch what you eat, when you meet somebody out for dinner they always pick some place that fries all their food?? And then, when you're sitting down and the waitress comes over and asks if you'd like to start out with something, they say "Yes, I'd like the fried pickles please."


Such was the case with my Mom last night who kind enough to meet me out for dinner to help cheer me up. I was (am) having a case of the doubts.... I'm having doubts about just about everything to do with my wedding (except the part about actually getting married, which is good) from the colors to the linens to the flower girl dresses. On and on, I'm not trusting my judgement. And this is spilling over into the living room. What color DO I want to paint it? Right now, I have no clue. I'm overwhelmed.

So I met up with my Mom last night for dinner and a pep talk, she's also going to help me find hotels for the out of town guests, and afterwards we went shopping for scary underpants/ stretchy hold-em-in shapers. Didn't really find exactly what I was looking for there (but I can order it online), but I did find some earrings and a brooch, which are really pretty.

But back to the choice of restaurants. It was basically all deep fried stuff. Really delicious. But really really bad for you, especially if you are watching your diet! Of course they have exactly TWO salads on the menu - a house salad and a Caesar - but did I choose the house salad with vinaigrette (because Caesar dressing is high in fat)??? No. But I managed to stay away from the fried stuff and went with shrimp etoufee. Which is better, but still not as good as the salad. And I had some fried pickles. With the dipping sauce, which is like ranch dressing (and probably not the "lite" kind, either).

Even on the weekends, when Chris is home, we'll meet people out for lunch or dinner, and we always end up someplace that has like bar food - burgers, fries, quesodillas, fried stuff..... Usually I'll order chicken soft tacos or something of the like. And Chris knows I'm watching my diet, but he'll still say stuff like "What do you want for lunch? Taco Bueno?" Argh!! NO! I don't want Taco Bueno. "What about Panera Bread?" I respond. "I want something fast, that you can drive through." he'll say. (Note: to all the healthy fast food places out there - put in drive throughs!!).

Normally during the week, I do really good. So a few little slip-ups isn't soooooo bad. But it's still frustrating. My first date for alterations on my dress is just 2 weeks away! So, I'll be watching my diet like a madwoman until then. Not so much because I want to lose a ton of weight (which would be nice), but I don't want to GAIN weight and not be able to fit into my dress!!

By the way, fried pickles are DELICIOUS! Crispy, but still juicy on the inside with that dill flavor. Yum.


Guilty Secret said...

Ha ha... I totally want to try them now!

Sarah said...

I love dill pickles!!! They sound SOOOO good!!!!

tracy said...

Fried pickles with ranch are the best!!! Thanks, now I have a craving :)

Ya diet sabotage can suck. I usually do pretty OK during the week but it's on the weekends that I have a problem! And if I don't have groceries because I always say oh I'll just pick up something good, then end up getting fast food!! Whereas if I keep food in the house I will just eat that!

Stupid diets, why can't we all just be skinny??

Linda said...

I love fried pickles. Yum!!

Cote de Texas said...

I never have had fried pickles - they sound delicious!!1

thanks for your so sweet comment - I find the time because I don't post every day - I've been working on that a little bit at a time for about a week!! Plus, I don't sleep much. haha!!! have a great weekend,

Linda said...

Rachel-I did finish Certain Girls. I liked it more than I did at the middle. It wasn't bad.

Ryan, Jen, & Rowan said...

I am a fried pickle crazy maniac... Hooter's are the best!!My guy meets the team there once a week after playing beseball and I have to force myself not to request them when he calls and asks if I would like some!!!

YUMMY...if you had to lose your points on something - at least it tasted good!

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