Wednesday, September 2, 2009

While the husband is away...

Last Friday we found out that Chris was assigned to a new project in San Antonio, so he's back on the road again during the week. Usually this is not a big deal when it's a week here or a week there, but this time it's for 14 weeks! That's right, until the beginning of December.

To help pass the time, I've resolved to try and be a busy bee accomplishing some different projects like organizing the office, cleaning up in the garage (or helping Chris when he's home on the weekends!), and cleaning up and setting up the guest bedroom for guests that will be visiting us this fall. In a couple of weeks we have our friends from New Orleans coming up, and after that in November, we have a friend from Michigan coming down followed a few weeks later by my sister in law and her husband and friends. We've had it "set up" before with various mis-matched furniture and bedding, but I'd really like to get it looking a little nicer.
My plan is to paint the bedroom walls a pretty green color, and to paint the mis-matched furniture in there a creamy white so that it all co-ordinates. I already have the bedding and curtains I'd like to use (not anything new, they are hand-me-downs/left overs/and re-purposed), but I do need to get a new curtain rod for the window as the one that is there now is tiny and flimsy and without finials (so the curtains slide off of it all the time!).

I'm not expecting to spend much on this "project" - 2 cans of paint and a small curtain rod - but I think by the time I'm through it will be a guest room I'll be proud to have guests stay in!

This is our guest room right now:

It's really more of a "junk" room right now.


And these are some pictures of a pretty green I spotted over at Brooklyn Limestone's blog. She has it painted in her guest room as well:

It is Saybrook Sage by Benjamin Moore.

I haven't checked the paint chips in our room yet (I left them at work last night!!!), but I do think it's a really pretty green, so I'm pretty sure it'll work.

I'm really excited to get to work on this, and I'll be sure to keep you all up on the progress!
By the way, you should hop on over to see Brooklyn Limestone's blog and pictures of her amazing Brooklyn Limestone! It is gorgeous and perfect, she's really done a fabulous job renovating it. Lots of before and afters.


Linda said...

Sounds like a great project. I look forward to hearing your progress.
Boo that Chris is gone during the week for 14 weeks! I'd miss Tai terribly if we had that set up!

Krista said...

Oh, I like it! :) It sounds like a good way to pass the time in your hubby's absence!

Jenny.Lee said...

Perfect project to work on while your hubby is out of town!

Marie said...

I love green rooms. My bedroom at home (parents house) is green and I love to come home to it. Hope that it helps to pass the time while Chris is away.

rebekah said...

That room is gorgeous! Wishing I had your decor skills here in Nicaragua. :)

Erika said...

That green color is beautiful! I think it'll be perfect for the extra room!! We are painting our study green too...just haven't decided which shade yet. It's a bummer that you hubby will be traveling so much. It's good he's not TOO far away and will also be home on the weekends. :o) Best of luck completing your projects!

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