Monday, June 9, 2008

Color schemes

Since this here is my little blog, and really, not many people read it, I'm going to free some of the random thoughts that go through my head. Many times, because Chris is a guy - and like most guys doesn't really care THAT much when it comes to decorating or wedding planning (which are close cousins, I tell you) - he doesn't really care about these random thoughts and ideas when I discuss them with him. Like about seeing the color palette board last week, and how that made me re-think some of the color accents and side table arrangements. He doesn't really care. Unless they're hideously ugly. But being able to just type them out helps me to sort them out sometimes. Not sure why.

The subject of most of my random and day-dreaming thoughts is decorating. Colors, patterns, furniture arrangement, lighting..... It's something I can focus on and think about that doesn't really require a decision right away, something that is light - it's my escapism. Sometimes I ponder over and over color choices for the kitchen. Sometimes, it's the truly ugly bathroom. Lately, it's been fabric for the throw pillows in the living room. What makes me happy is when I get a bright idea and it works out, like our bedroom.

Being in the design industry, I get tired of colors and some things probably more quickly than others. I'm crazy, I know. But I have had my bedroom furniture, as the mis-matched suite exists now, for over 10 years. I've used the same coverlet/duvet cover and color on my walls for like 4 or 5. So I wanted a change. Chris of course thought I was crazy as I just painted the room last year after we moved in (it was "perfectly fine" white before), and he had just come to "kind of" like the color. Plus, as he explained, it matched the painting his grandmother did (another story for another time...). The color I painted it was a light aqua blue color, kind of Restoration Hardware silver sage. So, instead of going the inexpensive route and re-painting the room the more neutral palette I wanted (beiges, creams, taupes), which would have allowed me to keep the linen duvet and headboard cover, I had to come up with another plan. Since Chris loves his grandmother's painting so much, and it is framed in a gilt gold frame, I decided to introduce straw yellow. Not too bright, but pretty and kind of subdued. To punch it up I have an orange orchid (I love orange), turquoise glazed pot for our plant, and plan to add a touch of a brighter yellow on a pillow or chair seat. It's not 100% finished yet - I still have the pillow and chair seat fabric to find, plus drapes, but I love it. I didn't really think I liked blue and yellow together so much, and I don't really in a traditional sense. But this combination, because it's more muted and they're not exact shades, is so pretty. It makes me happy. It's a change for me, but it keeps the wall color and painting for Chris.

When I'm finished I'll post pics. But for now, it's on to the pillows in the living room..... This is why I think it is hard for me in the planning of the wedding details. I can think of so many different ways to do something - all of them really cool - but it's hard to get myself to narrow it down and choose JUST ONE. Thinking about color schemes and decorating is like my crack, I tell you.

Workouts are coming along. Tonight was a good session with my trainer - upper body, mostly shoulders and arms. Thursday will be legs and will be killer, no doubt. Between now and then I hope to get in cardio AT LEAST once. But you know what they say about the best laid plans... My slim fast plan is also coming along well. It would have been a great day today had it not been for the ICE CREAM I ate after dinner. But, that's just more motivation for me to get up to the gym tomorrow night and work it off!

Other than that, we were pretty boring this weekend. We did sit down and talk budget, and yes - we are as poor as I thought. But we'll get through it, and we have each other. (But until we do, there will be no new pillows for the living room!)

Have a great Tuesday!


tracy said...

OK speaking of color schemes, this pink on tan doesn't work for my eyes-that-really-should-have-glasses!! Lol!

Glad the slim-fast plan is working out for ya. Gotta love ice cream, I bought some at the grocery on Saturday and I should not have, because then I've just been eating it - I finally threw the rest away last night. I need to just stick with getting it from the ice cream shop, that way I know I will only get it so often and won't sit there and eat half the container!!!

east side bride said...

I feel you. H-town laughs at me whenever I mention color palette ;)

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