Monday, June 2, 2008


The dress fits!!!!!

Thursday night I got a call from the shop where we ordered my wedding dress, and they told me it was in. Even though I'm not getting married for another 5 months or so, they told me I should come down and try it on and take a look at it. (Although, I think they just wanted our money since you have to pay the balance due once it's in!) Anyways, I was really nervous that the dress would be gaping and too big on top and way too tight down below - but lo and behold - IT FIT!!! The top was a little big, but not gapingly so. And I still would like to lose about another 10 pounds so that I won't have to worry about "shapewear". But I could have worn it out of there and it would have looked fine!
This is such a huge relief to me!! Not only did I get to see how I would really look in the dress (since the sample I tried on was too small) - and I LOVE the dress - I now don't need to worry about not being able to actually fit into it! Every extra pound I lose at this point is icing on the cake! I'm still sticking to my workouts, and I'm trying the Slim Fast diet, kind of, this week. I say kind of because I'm still having my oatmeal in the morning. I don't need to start the alterations on it until mid to end of August, so I still have time to lose more pounds and tone up - which really is my big focus now. I'd love to have toned arms and shoulders, and no back bulges - yeck.

Other than that, my sister and I went to see SEX AND THE CITY yesterday at a matinee. It was really good - kind of like a whole season wrapped up into one movie. It was really funny at parts, but also very dramatic and sad in parts as well. Very good movie, although it did have me feeling kind of sad that I'm getting "older", as well as missing that fun single part of my life that is now over. I actually woke up in the middle of the night kind of upset at those thoughts. Plus, add on to it that my skin tone is not looking great these days (sun/age spots, dicoloration, texture), and it just really made me kind of wistful. Not really super sad or upset, just a little wistful and down. Yes, it was a mini-pity-party, and I'll get over it, but getting older just sucks!!!

I'm actually in such a great mood for a Monday! It's June, my dress fits, I'm more motivated than ever to tone up and look great, I burned myself a couple new mix CD's to listen to...... hey, those make the 20-30 minute drive to and from work almost enjoyable! Things are looking up this Monday - hope they are for everyone.


tracy said...

Yes, you are quite chipper for a Monday!!

That's great about the dress!! I know you were worried about it. And five months early, woohoo!

I want to see SATC and I'm beginning to think I may need to just go after work one day this week, because I don't want to be spoiled and the more I see about it the more I am afraid I'll read what happens before I see it!

Guilty Secret said...

Hooray! Great news about the dress. I was so pleased to find mine fit too!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I want to see this dress with its ruffles!

I'm glad it fit, I know how stressful it is to try on your wedding dress when it doesn't!

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