Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Wednesday!
Well, after some consideration I think I'm going to drop the table runner/topper idea for now. First of all, I don't need to figure it out right now. And I'm not exactly sure which tables I'm going to use (probably round, but maybe rectangular long tables too??), so it really does me no good at this point. And if I end up with white, off-white, ivory, champagne.... it'll be fine. I'm meeting with my day-of co-ordinator on July 19th up at the YWCA to go over table arrangements and centerpiece ideas, so I should have a better idea of what tables I'm using and whether or not runners are even really worth it.
I find that wedding planning can be really all-consuming if you let it be. I feel like I go through these periods where I'm excited and motivated and really into it, but then they're followed by phases where I just don't care. Not that I don't care, I just am not motivated to think about it all. I'm glad I started early and have 5 months left!! This is a list (and I'm probably leaving stuff out that I don't even know I need to do) of things I still have left to do:

  1. Figure out honeymoon plans and book vacation.
  2. Buy wedding rings
  3. Order bridesmaid dresses
  4. Finalize guest list
  5. Send out Save-the-Dates
  6. Buy blank invitations
  7. Send out invitations to be gocco-ed
  8. Send out invitations to guests
  9. Figure out and set aside hotel rooms for out-of-towners
  10. Music/Playlist?? (or do we tell DJ what type of music we want, give him "do not play" list and be done??)
  11. Figure out how much and buy alcohol (beer and wine)
  12. Seating chart???? (Figure out table arrangements first, and number of people coming)
  13. Do I want programs??
  14. REGISTER!! (Gifts - yay!)
  15. Make jewelry for my 'maids and me
  16. Make sure my Mom has enough glassware for the centerpieces - if not, buy more
  17. Buy lots and lots of candles
  18. Talk with our friend, who's officiating, about the ceremony and how/what we want
  19. ....... (I'm sure I'm forgetting something)
  20. What do I want to do for a guest book?? What if I did a (nice) scrapbook, where we have them sign, but after the wedding we can use the book to put in some things/pics/information we want to save about the wedding (like the brochure from our venue, random guest pics, etc.)

Yep, I guess I should get movin'.... Maybe today over lunch I will go and scope out the paper place my friend recommended. No Paper Source here - well, not for another month or so.

Last night I DID accomplish sorting through the pile o' bills and crap on the table!! I didn't really want to do it, but it didn't take as long as I thought. I didn't work out :-( but all that sorting made me feel like I at least accomplished something. We also watched "AMERICA'S GOT TALENT", and I have now decided that it would be cool to be an opera singer (did you see that guy at the end??????)...... I just need to learn to sing first. In the right key. Hmmm.... could be a problem. ;-)

Hope you guys have a good day!


tracy said...

I've never watched America's Got Talent but I think I saw a clip of that opera guy somewhere.

Well at least you were productive with something last night...much more so than me! Although I guess I did go for a run!

Guilty Secret said...

I'm exactly the same - I'll sort out loads of little bits over the course of a few days, then I'll go a couple of weeks without doing anything, just unable to get motivated.

It'll all come together one way or another :)

I need to update my to-do list too actually...

Peonies and Polaroids said...

I have had definite highs and lows with wedding planning. I went for months without doing anything (and am panicking now!).

My to do list is about 40 items long and each time I manage one thing I remember something that I forgot to put on it before, so the damn thing never gets any shorter, no matter how much I get done!

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