Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Tuesday morning

The weekend went well. We didn't really get a bunch done, but we did work on the list. Chris is out of town this week, and is supposedly working on his side of the list while he's gone. We were at a friend's house for a barbeque on Saturday night, and noticed that they had a Save-the-Date up on their fridge for another couple getting married the weekend before us! I'm starting to think at this point that we should maybe not bother! I wanted to send them out 2 weeks ago, but as of now, we don't even have a list!!

On the invitation front, I'm thinking I may change the colors of our invites to either solid black or a solid brown/sepia tone - or possibly a gold. Reason being that I could just buy one color of ink for the gocco (sort of like a silk-screener for paper), AND I could back the cream card stock with a really cool orange/terracotta paper and not have to worry about matching that color to the ink color. Originally, had thought black would work, but a co-worker brought up that it would look kind of Halloween-y. Don't want that. So, I thought about gold or a sepia tone. But whichever I choose, I think it will still look nice, and it will solve my problem of what I'd like to do with the invitations. Yay!!

Here is what the reply card will look like:

The invitations will have the same flourish at the top (and *maybe* at the bottom as well...). As you can see, right now it's orange and champagne colored. I'm wanting to do all of it - the flourish and the script- in one color. I just think it's going to be a headache to get 3 different colors, possibly having to mix colors to get the right orange, etc. Plus, this way I can back the invitation with the orange (which I like the look of) without having to stress about matching paper.

Chris is out of town this week, and I vowed to be really productive and busy. I'm even going to try to mow the yard! I need to clean the house, too, and weed the back flower bed. So last night, after I worked out, what did I do?? Watch "DESIGN STAR" episodes I had on the DVR. And then "THE MOLE 5". Yeah, real productive.... I did organize the medicine cabinet though. But that was really a last-ditch effort while brushing my teeth so I didn't feel absolutely lazy. Tonight I think I'm going to tackle at least the front yard with the lawnmower. It's not that it's hard, it's just I've done it all of twice in my life. Wish me luck!


tracy said...

As usual, I know pretty much nothing about wedding stuff so I'm not gonna even try to put my input on that, haha!! Although with the save the date, is it totally corny to email it? I don't remember ever getting save the date cards for weddings I've been invited to. I think a couple emailed, but I don't remember if it was a mass email or what.

Have fun mowing! It's really not hard. I actually enjoy doing it.

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