Thursday, June 12, 2008

It's Friday!

Okay, technically it's late Thursday night... but you'll be reading this on Friday, so it's all good.

Why is it that the weeks seem to go so slowly sometimes, but then look at the calendar and *gasp!* it's the middle of June already??? 5 months 'til the big day, people!! I missed the 6 month mark, I guess.

We really really really need to get on the guest list, like this weekend. Do you think I'm being unrealistic by thinking that we can get it done this weekend?? Ha! Probably so, but I'm going to try. We need to get the Save-the-Dates ordered and sent out before the invitations. But, oh, I am not looking forward to trimming down Chris' list. Well, I should say his mother's list. It's 147 people. And we're only thinking we'll have like, oh, 150 TOTAL at the wedding. So, there's some trimming to be done for sure. And then there's my mother, who hasn't even gotten me her list yet! Seriously, I know my sister just got married last year, so she has to have it somewhere. So frustrating. It's like this cartoon I saw over at {Furi Kuri} weddings:

Ha!! It may come down to this, folks...

This weekend we plan to just lay low (i.e. save money) and stay in. Sunday we'll go to my parents' house for Father's Day and hang out... maybe I'll finally get the list??

Hope you all have a great weekend!! Tracy - I hope your weekend is as fun as last one was!


tracy said...

Ya if your sister just got married, you'd think your mom would have the list and it'd be easy!

Hope you have a good weekend of laying low!

Oh and "Hawkeye Chick" isn't Tiff - I know that was similar to her name but that's not her! She never comes around anymore!

tracy said...

About the walking, ya it's hot here but it's usually bearable like some nights I don't go till 7:30. But that's the thing is it's too hot for me to run, I just can't breathe when it's that hot! But with walking it's OK. I don't have a water bottle that I take with me because I don't want to wear a water belt or whatever, but it would be nice to have - I'm always very thirsty when I get back to my place!

Peonies and Polaroids said...

Just know that whatever you and your fiance decide regarding the guestlist, unless you are super-strong willed there will be people there that you did not invite! We have two uninvited 'guests' coming to our wedding and demanding that they didn't was going to cause a major family feud. It's infuriating!

Good luck!

Jenna said...

Thanks for the comment, and your kind offer for advice. We eat out at a really nice restaurant once a month so if you have any Dallas suggestions for that I would really appreciate it!

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