Monday, July 7, 2008

A couple of pictures

I just thought I'd share with ya'll some pictures of some of the men in my life....

This is from our first Christmas together in 2006. He normally doesn't have the goatee, but I kind of like it.

This is the eponymous "Riley"... my first of the four. I love this little guy to death. And he's such a ham for the camera! Every picture of him looks like he's posing! I've had him for 10 years now, and he's been with me through everything. And he's a lot like me, independant but loving, and grumpy in the mornings!

Murphy!! This little guys makes me smile. He's the "little General" - the boss of the pack. But he's my little boy, and can be sooooooo funny. He's also JJ's best friend.

Rascal was Chris' dog coming in, but he's now a part of a larger family. He's my big teddy bear, and wishes he could be a small dog too (they can sit next to us on the couch)! He's 14, but there's no grumpy old man here, he's Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky.

And finally, JJ. He's our 2-year old. This is one of the rare times when he's not running around, checking everything out, trying to steal a kiss, or chewing on his toys! And yes, he does like to sleep this way! Can you believe that somebody would leave this little guy at a truck stop outside of Abilene??

Okay, I'm finally tired and headed off to bed now... see ya'll in the morning!


Linda said...

I played with Polyvore once. I couldn't get things to look right. It really irritated me. Must have been that time of the month! LOL!
I would have to say that Spanx would be your best bet on the Shapewear. I had not leg roll on those Assets ones. Real spanx would probably suck and smooth better if you need that. Go to Nordstroms because you could take them back if they didn't work.

Fiore fresco said...

Hi Riley!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. Glad to have found yours now! did you get a dog with your own name?

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