Monday, July 14, 2008

Here I go again...

Okay, so funny thing is, I've changed my mind on the bridesmaid dresses. Style and color. They're going to be completely different. I felt slightly like a nut at first last week (last Thursday night, to be exact), but after really thinking about it, I feel confident in my decision now. It's made other things a little easier too - like the color of the invites (I'm going to go with all gold now - scroll and lettering), flower girl dress, table linens, etc. The problem I was encountering was that since terracotta was my predominant color, I felt like I needed to repeat it in several areas - like the invitations, the table linens or runners, the groomsmen ties (possibly). What I kept running into was trying to find the right shade of orange, so it kind of all flowed. The right color of the paper, the right color of the ink, the right color of the linens..... you get the picture.
Rewind to last Thursday night. I went into the Alfred Angelo store to look at the colors of green they have. To see if an idea in my head would work (because sometimes what I picture in my head really doesn't look that great in reality!!). And I looked at them... but what was really catching my eye was a brand-spankin' new dress design they had featured. It is honestly one of the cutest bridesmaid dresses I had seen, and more importantly, it fell into my budget of what I felt comfortable asking the girls to spend. I gave into my inner nag and tried it on - and here it is:

(Please excuse black necklace and bra straps!)

What I love about this dress is the pleating of the chiffon skirt, the way the skirt "moves" when you walk, and that it's flattering. I wish I looked skinnier in it, but then again - that's my own fault for not working out more diligently!! But it hits at the right place on your legs, it is an empire waist but with enough room for a larger chest, and it's just so pretty!! So here's the plan: Order these dresses in navy. Yes - navy. The girls will be wearing gold shoes. I'll stick with the orange/terracotta for flowers (bouquets, cake, accent arrangements), and MAYBE the table runners (if I do them at all). The guys will wear either navy ties or champagne, probably with a charcoal tux. And the invitations will be all gold - the scroll design as well as the lettering - on ivory. If I get really crafty, I might line the envelopes with a terracotta.

While the orange will not be THE dominant color anymore, it will definitely be there in force!! The ballroom stage has an orange curtain, and the drapes are a floral that incorporates both the navy and orange (and green and violet). And other than the dresses, there will only be the smallest touches of the navy, so while it will be there as an accent, it won't be too much. The reason I chose navy?? Because I think the dress will look really stunning and elegant in the navy. More so than the terracotta color, or a green. Also, it will go well with the orange/terracotta and gold colors that I've already chosen.
Finally, after wavering and not being 100% sure on the bridesmaid dresses, I feel really good about this decision. I love these dresses, and am beginning to really feel confident in the picture I'm getting in my head of my wedding! I have wavered, been indecisive, and changed my mind before, but as the wedding is getting closer, I feel like I'm getting more and more pleased with my decisions and choices. More confident, definitely! And that is a great feeling to have!

Now I just need to convince my future sister-in-law that she wants to wear a shorter cocktail length dress..... See, this is where the confidence comes in..... ;-)


tracy said...

I like that dress, it looks good and it also looks like it'd be comfortable!! And I think Navy will be good. Glad you've found something you really like!!

Cote de Texas said...

Love your new choice - better? they are so pretty - you sound very happy with it!!!!

thanks for your comment too!!


tracy said...

I laughed at your comment about calling Will after happy hour because I'd just thought the same thing because he'd just textd me asking if I wanted to do something tonight, I thought maybe after 2 glasses of wine I will call. It's not even that huge a deal I just feel bad!

Blablover5 said...

My MOH tried on a dress very similar to that and almost got it (she found one much cheaper at a department store).

It's really gorgeous.

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