Monday, July 7, 2008

I was tricked!!

I could have SWORN that I had a session with my personal trainer tonight!! But I didn't.... and I didn't find that out until AFTER I was already up there! I was tricked! By my bad memory!! (I wish being tricked by my memory would end up this good more often!) Had I known my session was tomorrow, I probably would have stayed at home and been lazy. Well, not totally lazy, but I wouldn't have worked out. But since I was up there and ready to go, I got a good 40 minutes in on the treadmill. It felt good, and like something I should do more often!

I am still missing Chris tonight, but talking to him on the phone helped. And I have my other 4 boys to keep me company. They all gather around the desk when I'm on the computer, like little computer dogs! In fact, right now, JJ (aka Squirmy McLickin') is sitting on my lap.

I'm trying to put some more information on my blog, so if you keep noticing new things popping up here, that's why. I thought I'd add a little more info.

Well, that's all for tonight (I'm trying to get to bed early!!). And by the way, NO - that is NOT ME in the above photo! LOL! You can find it over at Flickr. ;-)
Hope you have a great Tuesday.


Cote de Texas said...

no - that's not YOU in that picture. It's me!!! How did you get that picture of my fat a**????? hahaha

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