Wednesday, July 9, 2008

My wedding so far...

In pictures...

**the bouquet above only, not the table arrangement

The above pictures can be found following the links to the right.... except for bouquet, candles, cake, and Michelle Williams.

Well, it doesn't seem like much, but we also have our photographer, our caterer, our DJ, our day-of coordinator..... There's just so much stuff, I'm sure I'm forgetting something! Our colors are a terracotta orange and a champagne-y gold. With some green (mostly coming in the form of greenery). The candle arrangements will be on the tables (please imagine them with table cloths!), and my bouquet will be similar to the one above, but possibly a darker shade. Right now, I'm wavering on the bridesmaid dresses. Should I have them all the terracotta orange (**side note: the color in the picture is darker than in real life), or should I do complementary shades of green?? So many decistions! As the wedding draws closer, and I have more pictures, I will post them.
One thing, though. I have found that like in Interior Design, it is much harder to decide for yourself what you want - to narrow it down! There are so many lovely ideas out there, and forcing yourself to choose and stick to a cohesive-looking scheme is harder than I imagined! It's easy to help others decide or pick which dress/bouquet/arrangement to use, or to tell them which you like best, but when it comes to yourself??? Different story.... And what's insane is that normally I'm not this indecisive of a person! Okay, maybe a little bit, but not nearly this bad!

Hallelujiah - it's Wednesday y'all*! Half the week is over!

(* OMG! I just learned I've been spelling y'all wrong!! "Y'all" acutally makes sense - it's a contraction of "you" and "all", but I was mis-spelling it as "ya'll"! )


fickle bride said...

wow it looks like your wedding is really under way! i LOVE your save the dates!

tracy said...

That's cool to show it in pictures like that!!

I've just been catching up, sounds like things are going well!

LOL about ya'll, I say spell it however you want!! When I say that up here, people look at me like I am crazy!!

Cote de Texas said...

Yes - you got it! :)

love the wedding dress and bouquet and the bridesmaids - the colors - just beautiful! A UT wedding! haa!!! No, really a persimmon wedding. The dress is to die for -just gorgeous.

east side bride said...

I'm second-guessing my decisions too. It's not like me :o

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