Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I just got my new Pottery Barn catalogue in the mail (fall, already!). They have this picture of a tablescape that I thought was jut beautiful, so I wanted to share!

And this would be so simple to do! It's just different vases with the different floral elements, but grouped together it looks pretty cool.

I also saw this room, and I love the color:

I love the richness of the eggplant color. As you can see above, it's from Benjamin Moore.

The drama continues with the guest list.... but it seems to be coming to an end, so that's good. Chris is getting back early tomorrow, so that's nice! I'll get to see him for 3 days this weekend - yay! After last weekend's day and a half, this is improvement!

Have a great Wednesday!


tracy said...

Glad to hear the guest list drama is getting worked out!!

I like that wall color but dark colors never seem to come out for me the way they look in a picture!

sarah said...

!! Pottery Barn is so endlessly inspiring ... love those ideas!

You asked about the M.A.C appt -- yep, I went to the local Belk which has a M.A.C counter and made an appt. for a wedding trial (basically a make-over) ... Had to buy $50 worth of product which didn't seem bad to me. I hear every M.A.C place differs on pricing, though. Good luck and post pics if you go! ;o)

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