Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I guess I tend to title my blog with the day when I don't really have something super interesting to post about!
I didn't get to finish the cross last night. I primed it and readied it for painting, but I just ran out of time and didn't really want to start on it so late. After working out, I stopped by the grocery store. By that time it was around 8, so I fixed and ate dinner..... and then it was around 9. Why do my evenings seem to go by so quickly? I am excited about the project though, I'm hopeful it will turn out as good as what I'm picturing in my mind.

Tomorrow is a half-day of work for me, and then I have Friday off!! Woo-hoo!! I love my long weekends. Chris will be back Thursday night, and our plan is to take it easy over the holiday. His father is having back surgery today in North Dallas (they're from Midland area), so we'll go see them Friday morning probably. But Friday evening we're hoping to host some friends at our place and have a barbeque. Other than that, no definite plans.

Now that it's July, I've got 4 full months left before the wedding. I'm not really counting the last 2 weeks before as most things should be done by then. We'll have to have final counts for the caterers and cake, and everything will be ordered and done. 4 months ago was March. March doesn't seem like that long ago..... yikes! It'll be here before I know it.

Have a good Wednesday!


tracy said...

The cross idea is great, I hope it works out and you make lots of money!!!

Tomorrow is a half-day for me too :) And since I get here at 7 that means I get to leave at 11, whoohoo!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

Self Confessed Lamp Tramp said...

I love your cross idea, Jena Bush's was so pretty! Enjoyed reading about you and thanks for your sweet comment!

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